My LEGO computer at work

I've finally got around to working on my computer case made out of Lego. I left the metal case on and made a cover for the sides, top, and front, so it can be removed to work on the computer.

Here is the side, with the Netscape logo on it. I still need a few more large blue 6xN plates to finish covering the top, and need to finish lengthening the hidden side.

The original side, with a small Netscape logo - this is now on the hidden side.
The new side, with a larger Netscape logo.
Here you can see that I had to lengthen the side
to fit over the curved front of the case, and the
top is no longer long enough. I need several 6x8
or longer blue plates to finish it.
The front, with a hinged door to access the drives and power buttons.
A closeup of the front door, showing the access
hole for the reset button and LEDs. I still need to
add some white tiles to the door and opening to finish it.
The front, with the door open.