Lego Rolling Garage Door Parts Wanted/Trade Page

This page is a service for those people that want Rolling Garage Door parts, so that they can trade with each other in order to complete doors in the colors they want.

If you have garage door parts available and want to trade them, or have your own Wants, let me know, and I'll list your parts available and wants on this page. NOTE that most people that have spare Rolling Garage Door parts will rarely want to sell them, and usually only want to trade them for other Rolling Garage Door parts, so don't offer to buy, or other parts in trade, unless they specifically say they will sell/trade other parts for them.

Tom Stangl's Parts

I have various Rolling Garage Door parts available for trade. Note I will ONLY trade these garage door parts for other garage door parts, my parts are NOT for sale. I will, however, buy garage door parts if you offer them for a fair price, or trade parts off of my Wants page towards garage door parts I need.

NOTE: Garage doors are only from older sets, consequently, pieces are rarely mint. They are all generally in good condition, but there is a part or 2 with nicks - if you want pics of the specific parts in a trade, let me know.

NOTE: Currently I have too many 1x14 bricks and am short 1x2 bricks and colored slats, so if you need those bricks, I would be happy to trade them for middle or bottom slats of any color except trans-orange, or for 1x2 slotted bricks in yellow or black.

Available For Trade
1x14 yellow slotted brick
7 available
1x14 blue slotted brick
26 available
1x14 red slotted brick
11 available
1x14 black slotted brick
8 available
1x14 white slotted brick
60 available (most are slightly yellowed, but not badly)
Clear middle slat
Many available (but ONLY in trade for the colors I need)
Transblue middle slat
Many available (ONLY for the colors I need)
Parts Wanted
1x2 yellow slotted brick 1x2 black slotted brick

Many wanted Many wanted
White middle slat
45+ wanted

If you have some of these parts, and wish to sell/trade them, please email Tom.

The following sets have rolling garage door parts in them (I am constantly adding to this list, if you know of a set I don't have listed here, please let me know):

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