My New LEGO Room

As part of my move from California to Florida, we rented a 3 bedroom house. One bedroom for us, one for the home office, and one for LEGO ;-)

Unfortunately, one room for the Lego won't nearly be enough, it's only about 10ft x 10ft :-/

Luckily, we hope to start building our own house soon, and that house will have a Lego room that will be 12x15, and later I may convert the area over the garage into a Lego storage/building room, and that would be at least 15x25ft ;-)

Here is the Lego Room after I crammed my Iris carts in as tight as I could. My wife actually moved the Iris carts into the room while I was still in California, but I had to move each stack around a bit, and get the last drawer level on the stack so that they reached all the way to the ceiling. And I do mean all the way.

This is initial cleanup, I now have all the drawers in the room. I still have to re-sort each drawer, as I had to fill each drawer to the max to minimize cubic footage to get them crosscountry, so there are parts in each drawer that don't belong there. I also have a ton of boxed sets and Lego blue tubs taking up space in the 2 car garage, I need to get as much of that as I can into this room, which means no room for building once I'm done :-/. Needless to say, once things are organized, it's time to continue selling off half of my collection, to gain room to actually build, and to help on a down payment on a new car.

Here's a quick set of pics. And YES, every drawer is packed completely or almost completely full of Lego (except for about 4 empty drawers I stole from my computer Iris carts to make even stacks - they'll be full as soon as I pull some sets out of boxes). Most of the bricks and plates are stacked to minimize space, rather than just tossed in the drawers, or I'd need another few stacks for the new bricks/plates.

Click a pic to see the larger version of it.

    Lone drawer stack next to the light switch. Ignore the empty Iris stack next to it under the light switch, it's only there to get it out of the hallway for now. Note the blue strip on top of the stack - this stack requires some foam to wedge it against the ceiling to keep it steady.

    To the left, the closet full of sets. Well, partially full of sets. I need to reorganize it to fit more sets from the garage, and to put "keep" sets on one side and "sell" sets on the other.


    The Target "Lego colored" Iris carts, plus some "Xmas colored" ones from Office Depot (dull red drawers and holly colored frames). These are packed pretty tight with stacked bricks and slopes.


    The other half of the right wall, with Costco Iris carts. The stack of medium height drawers with labels is full of stacked 2x plates. The rest are filled with misc parts or Ziploc bagged sets that I ran out of time to sort. Also heading to the front wall (of the house, that is), with a stack next to the window, and pairs of drawers under the window (cat perches). The 2 medium drawers to the right of the stack are just there temporarily, I have a stack for computer customizing parts that they need to be added to.


    Once the 2 med drawers are gone, the window area will be nicely symmetrical.


    The left wall, with the stack of double-width drawers. Three are full of Technic parts, but they need to be spread into other drawers, as that makes the drawers too heavy to move. Three are full of misc boat hulls and boxed sets, though I'll probably spread the Technic parts into them soon.


    Full circle and headed out of the room. Note the black roll on the yellow box in the bottom right corner of the pic - that is Velcro One-Wrap fastener, one of the coolest fasteners that has taken way too long to be available to mere mortals. It is basically a strap with Velcro loops on one side and hooks on the other, so you can cut it to any length and instantly have a strap to wrap something with. I bought a 9ft piece of Get-A-Grip from Lowe's for almost $8, and after using most of it, went Googling for a cheaper vendor. I found After looking over their site, I found several things that would work very well to organize my home office and other things around the house, so I called their # to ask for a catalog and some free samples. They were happy to send a sample of anything I asked for, and they normally send a bag of samples with their catalogs anyways. After getting the samples and catalog, I ended up ordering 50 yards of strap as a start. The roll you see is the 1" wide black 25yd roll. I found that it held the stacks of drawers together tighter and more securely than the special tabs that lock into the holes in the cart frames, and is way easier to remove than the packing tape I used to use. (The other 25 yds I bought were 3/4" wide - 5 each of blue, white, yellow, orange, and red, so I can color-code cables from 5 systems. I'll end up having to order 25yd rolls to get the other colors not available in 5yd rolls to finish off the other computer systems I have yet to hook up - if anyone is interested in splitting 25yd rolls of beige, brown, green, purple, and grey, let me know, I'll buy them and sell off 5yds at a time at cost, as long as I get enough interest).


That's it for now. I need to finish organizing the closet, and stack about 30-60 blue tubs in the middle of the room, possibly under a table/tables I will build/buy (since I had to leave my LTC tables in CA).