My Lego Mess

These are some pics of just some of the Lego I have at home. This will give you an idea of why I am trying to sell off at least 2-300,000 pieces within the next year - so I can get my collection down to a managable size. I want to get it down to a point where I have room to sort it all out by piece and color, and be able to build - right now, I can't build anything, as I have problems finding the pieces I need in this mess.

This isn't anywhere near my entire collection, I have an entire 3x8x10 foot closet crammed full, and many other stacks, I just couldn't get good pics of them. I also have another row of 4 supertall Iris carts I didn't take pics of.

Here's a pic of my kitchen. This is 9 Iris carts, taken apart and restacked by drawer size (with 3 extra med drawers used elsewhere). This is almost all new Lego, but I ran out of time to sort this, so it's all just crammed in the drawers.

This row of carts is behind the kitchen row, and is 5-6 standard width Iris carts and 2 doublewide Iris carts. This is all fully sorted new parts. The set boxes are full of sorted parts, not sets.

This is my dining room ForSale pile. All the boxes are new sets, and almost all of them are for sale. Most have been listed on Bricklink. The warehouse was built for BayLTC train layouts, and has 6 garage doors built to the max height they can go and still retract within the 1x14 slotted bricks. I still need to work on filling the interior with 2x2x5 grey girder pieces to support the roof, and work on the office space.

I also need to pull the black windows out and replace them with grey, as soon as I find my stash of grey windows.

This is my TV room. This set of 6-8 carts is mixed new and used pieces that I am definitely keeping, but it hasn't been fully sorted yet.

This is behind our sofa in the TV room. These tubs and boxes are crammed full of used Lego that I need to sort out into "keep", "Bricklink", and "Ebay" tubs/boxes. That's going to take me at least a month.

Top view of the used parts.

This is one of my disorganized stacks of new sets. Once I have the floor space to restack them, I'm going to sort them into keep and sell piles, and try to put them on some type of shelving to keep the lower boxes from being crushed.