See my Garage Door Page for parts I have available to trade for other garage door parts, and what I want to buy.

Lego Parts Wanted
Misc Parts Wanted
I need these parts the most at this time!
Train windows,1x2x3 Train doors 2875, 45deg Slope Brick, 2 x 6 x 2/3
Grey, black, white, red
with clear train glass with divider strip
YELLOW doors, need 3 pair
with clear train glass with divider strip
Need many BLACK, many GREY
Train nose Train roof 4509, Train Roof 6x6
Need 2 WHITE Need 2 WHITE (if exists) Need many BLACK, many GREY
Train sliding door Type 1 1x8 sliding door rail Train sliding door Type 2
Need many BLACK, grey, yellow
preferably in pairs
Need many, in groups of 4
preferred, any color but black, but need
4 YELLOW the most
Need many RED, BLACK, grey
preferably in pairs
6546/6556, Cargo doors/frame Faucet "Sponge" Tires/Rims, 24x43
Need many sets, any color Need many, white base, grey or chrome spout Need a couple YELLOW rims
1x16 lattice 3045, 2x2 corner slope 3676, 2x2 inverse corner slope
WHITE (from 6540), BLACK (if exist), need many Need many YELLOW, blue (in that order) Need a few blue
6154, 1x4x4 window w/glass 2493, 1x4x5 window w/glass 6160, 1x4x6 window w/glass
Need many, any color frame, BLACK the most Need many, any color frame except red or black Need many, any color frame except red, BLACK the most
1x4x6 door with frame 4x4x3 slant window 4x4x3 slant window with center bar
Need many, any color door/frame, red/red the most Need many, any color frame, black the most
also need lots of glass
Need many, any color frame, black the most
3188/3189, 1x3x2 town doors 3192/3193, 1x3x3 town doors 445/446, 1x3x4 town doors
Need many black and grey, prefer pairs Need many black and grey, prefer pairs Need many black, prefer pairs
Crane arms
Need 2 dark grey
Large plates 6005, 1x3x2 arch BLACK Megabricks
BLACK 6x14 or larger plates, need MANY
especially 6x24 (any color 6x24)
YELLOW, need 12 Need many 4x10 and 8x16
4x6 if they exist
6069 1x16 bricks 6081, 4x curved with 1x4 plate
If exist in YELLOW, need 1-2 Need many GREEN, RED, and YELLOW Blue, RED
Need 4 each
2441 - Multiple views
BLUE, GREEN (NO black, red, yellow, white at this time)
Technic Parts Wanted
Thin stiff tubing ("straws") 32014, #6 angle 6538, Axle connector
PURPLE, the longer, the better PURPLE, Need 10 PURPLE, need 10-20 (if exist)
32013, #1 angle 32034, #2 angle 32016, #3 angle
PURPLE, need 10 PURPLE, Need 10 PURPLE, need 15
Engine crank    
YELLOW, need many    

If you have some of these parts, and wish to sell/trade them, please email me.

Technic images courtesy of Jim Hughes' Technic Element Registry.
Please don't use them without crediting him.

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Sets For TRADE (NOT for sale)

Here are the SETS I WANT, with the approx trade value I'd "pay" - I only want to TRADE for them, not BUY them

I would like these sets in the box, but it is not required. Having all unique pieces (preferably all pieces period) IS required.


Here is what I HAVE, all unopened boxes, with approx trade value, to trade

Note these Trade Values are skewed by how much I want to keep the sets. These are NOT for sale, they are ONLY available for TRADES. I will trade sets for parts, but only LOTS of parts.

Note I have added the Halloween buckets to the TRADE section, I have decided I only want to get rid of them if they get me some set or a ton of parts I need in return.

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